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15x9.5inch Beautiful Woman Shadow Hand Puppets Chinese Shadow Play Doll Shadow Puppet with Operating Lever-Best Finger Puppets Handicraft Mu-Girl

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【Long History】 Shadow play was born two thousand years ago, also known as sheep''s skin, shadow play, cow''s skin play, donkey''s skin play, originated in Shaanxi, China.

【Art Treasure】 Shadow Play has been spread to various countries and is deeply loved by people.Chinese shadow play has been collected by museums all over the world.

【Function】Shadow play is a puppet art based on the performer''s thinking, performing shadow play, can fully enhance the practical ability and imaginative thinking.It has high playability and fully embodies people''s wisdom.

【Feature】1 Hand-made through dozens of processes, knife method is exquisite, will each shadow play to be vivid, exquisite and meticulous.2 Strong color contrast, bold and broad folk customs.3 The various parts of the shadow play are flexible and can display various forms at will.

【Package】1Pack of Shadow Play.Package size: 38x24cm/15x9.5inch.Material: leather and plastic hard shell.Shadow play characters flexible, can be placed in any modeling.Both cultural and historical handicrafts, but also interesting!Shadow Play Manual Silk Figurine from head to toe, every part is handmade.