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Anti-sickness Glasses for Cars, Ships and Airplanes 3D Vertigo Prevention for Adults and Children Portable Lensless Glasses

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World Premiere, New Invention For Treating Motion Sickness! Are you upset about traffic vertigo? Are you depressed because you are seasick, seasick and can't go to see the scenery of the island or make a long trip? With our anti-motion sickness glasses, you will no longer worry about these problems!

Why You Can Say Goodbye To Motion Sickness: When you are sitting in a car that is turning, braking, accelerating, bumping, while your eyes are staring at the screen in your hand, your cochlea is secretly passing the signal to the brain, precisely because of the sum Differences in the perceived signal will affect your sensory cognitive balance, resulting in dizziness, nausea and other motion sickness.

Lens-Free Design And High Quality PP Material: No lens design, even myopia people can be used. Made of high quality PP material with superior toughness and antioxidant capacity

Glasses With Lemon Fragrance: Our glasses bring the fragrance of lemons. Studies have shown that this odor can effectively relieve the symptoms of motion sickness, thus achieving double anti-motion sickness in odor and vision!

Instructions for use: Place the two tendons (Neiguan acupoint) on the inner three fingers of the wrist with the round button facing down. The effect is better when you wear it with your left and right hands. Press the button for 1-2 minutes when wearing it,

Package Include:

1 x Anti-motion Sickness Glasses

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